Athlean Xero Program

Athlean Xero Program


Doing 60 minutes of essentially glorified aerobics and thinking that you will build muscle is the definition of “INSANITY”!

If you want to develop serious athletic muscle then you have to create overload and still have a respect for muscle repair and recovery. Enter the ATHLEAN XERO program from ATHLEAN-X.

A lot of men claim to be strong. You can see them hoisting hundreds of pounds on barbells in gyms throughout the world. Ask them to do a single leg squat or a dead hang chin up and you’ll often times see some serious weaknesses start to appear. Truth is, if you weigh 300lbs it’s easy to toss around heavy weights. The ability to control your own body and move it in every plane of motion is the true marker of strength and athleticism. When you train with your own bodyweight you develop a level of explosive functional power unlike anything else…that simply can’t be replicated any other way. Athlean Xero Program.

ATHLEAN XERO is an intense all out bodyweight assault, requiring absolutely no equipment. You literally need your own body and that’s it, making it possible to perform these workouts any where at any time. From dorm rooms to hotel rooms, military barracks to the most desolate surroundings or ill equipped gym…XERO leaves behind the machines, and the excuses! With ATHLEAN XERO, you are the machines! 3…2…1…XERO, the wait is over. The revolution in bodyweight strength training has arrived in the Athlean Xero Program!

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