Short Form Financial Copywriter

$979.00 $12.50

One hundred percent of financial publishers need skilled copywriters. Great copywriters make great money. The best cash six figure paychecks. Many times each year.


Hey there. My name is Jake Hoffberg and after a ten-year career of beating my head against the wall making something like 80,000 cold calls I made a life altering decision. I decided I wanted to become a freelance financial copywriter.

The immediate problem was I had never written sales copy, much less financial sales copy. So, I read everything I could find, practiced like crazy, and pestered and bugged potential clients until someone gave me a shot.

With every project, my copy improved, along with his income. My first check — for $350 — was the most important one. It said I was now a paid copywriter . . . just not one who could pay his bills. Yet.

Four months later, my monthly income had grown to $5,000. The next month, it doubled and hasn’t dipped below $10,000 since. In my biggest month, I brought in $50,000, thanks to project fees and royalties.

One year after I got my first paid copywriting project, I had made $140,000. The next year, a whole lot more.

This is the content I wish I had when I started out. It would have saved me a ton of time and trouble. In this program, I’m going to show you exactly what you need to know to get into the financial copywriting game. I’m going to lay out for you . . .

  • A detailed overview of how the category works and what goes into becoming a successful freelance financial copywriter
  • The basic behaviors and actions you’ll need to burn into your memory banks if you want to be a successful freelancer
  • How to set up your own “swipe file,” the critical library of good ideas every copywriter must have
  • Some investing basics you’ll need in order to write great copy
  • The core copywriting concepts behind every great package
  • The basic of the sales cycle and what you need to know to move it forward
  • Some things you need to know to make freelancing a real business